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Our Mission

The Human Growth Foundation (HGF) is the oldest nonprofit organization of its kind. HGF serves as a global leader in endocrine research, education,

patient advocacy, and support.

HGF provides:
Research Support
Family Education and Advocacy
Public Outreach & Awareness
Support of Parents of Children with

Growth & Bone Conditions

Support of Adults with Growth & Bone Conditions
Training for Growth & Bone Specialists
Education for Healthcare Providers

Our Mission

Our History

The Human Growth Foundation (HGF) was founded in 1965, by five families of children with growth disorders. HGF's primary purpose was to identify other parents and children and to seek the support of the public for research and treatment for

growth hormone deficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help children with growth disorders, adults with growth hormone deficiency, and healthcare providers reach new heights by providing awareness/outreach programs. HGF intends to offer support, features, and up-to-date information on newly discovered and existing disorders, diseases, and syndromes of growth abnormalities, in an effort to increase awareness and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

We Need Your Support Today!

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