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Application Deadline: 

May 10, 2024

Program Contact:

Daphne Plump

Program Statement:

Small Grants Program supports the investigation of human growth and its disorders. Special consideration will be given to new investigators and ideas new to the field. Postdoctoral research dealing with all normal and abnormal growth aspects in biological, psychological, and educational areas will be considered. Up to three grants, with the maximum amount of each grant to be $10,000.00, will be awarded at the beginning of 2024.

How to Apply:

  1. You must be an HGF Member.

  2. Submit a biographical sketch and two-page* Letter of Intent (LOI) online.

  3. Click here to submit. 


Review Process:

All letters received by HGF will be submitted to its Research Committee, which consists of scientists and physicians. The topics that are most relevant to HGF's interests will be chosen.


Selected applicants will be notified by email by June 25, 2024, at which time HGF will request submission of a FULL GRANT APPLICATION prepared in NIH FORMAT. Although the actual NIH form is not necessary, it is recommended that the applicant use the form as a guideline. This final application will be due at the HGF national office no later than July 14, 2024.


Should more than two pages be submitted, HGF reserves the right to edit and may, at its discretion, exclude the additional pages when the proposal is sent to the research committee for consideration. To avoid the risk of an incomplete proposal being submitted for review, please stay within the parameters of the guidelines outlined in the announcement.

Upload Biological Sketch
Upload Letter of Intent

Thanks for submitting your 2024 application.

The Deadline to Submit a 2024 Small Research Grant is MAY 10, 2024. Thank You.

Research Grant Form
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