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AVAILABLE IN PRINT: Contact us to receive a free copy.


Discusses the most common form of the bone disorders chondrodystrophies which are associated with dwarfism. 

Short and OK:

A psychosocial guide for parents of short children.

Turner Syndrome:

The hows and whys of the missing X chromosome, and treatment with growth hormone.

Help Children Grow - an informative overview of the Human Growth Foundation and how we help children with growth disorders.

Ready For School

Advice for parents of pre-schoolers and school-aged children.


Growing Children

A Parent’s Guide: A comprehensive guide to growth and development in children.


Billie's Bravery Against Bullies

For ages 308

Say NO Bullying Resource Book

For kids, teens, parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals.




Precocious Puberty:

Information for Families: Your child has been diagnosed with precocious puberty. This booklet has been written to help to understand more about normal as well as precocious (early) puberty. It will allow you to become more familiar with some of the medical terms you will hear and will address Deficiency issues and concerns shared by most parents. 

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